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These oyster knives are
a swedish product by
Atelier Helgess Design,
the original oyster knives since 1998.

The shape is especially designed for opening oysters of the family
Ostrea Edulis.

The oyster knives made ​​by Helgess, have become very popular and used by the best oyster openers in the world!

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Price inc vat:
Double bladed email for current price
Single bladed
email for current price

You can choose from various
materials on the shaft.

To purchase email to:

The oyster knives of Ostrea Edulis is available in two styles: single and double bladed. The shapes of the knives are specially designed for opening the oysters in a safe, fast and easy way.
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It's easy to open oysters using Helgess oyster knives. Just follow the simple steps.
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Helgess sponsors oyster opening competitions with hand forged prizes for those who win the title of best presentation.

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