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These oyster knives are
a swedish product by
Atelier Helgess Design,
the original oyster knives since 1998.

The shape is especially designed for opening oysters of the family
Ostrea Edulis.

The oyster knives made ​​by Helgess, have become very popular and used by the best oyster openers in the world!

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The goal of Helgess is to offer products with high quality and exclusive design that gives you great joy in your work.

All products are patiently created and constantly updated. Satisfied customers are proof of us reaching our goals. Several of our proprietary products are also protected by product protection laws.

Helgess is a family business established in 2004 by Bo Helgesson and is located in Dals Långed, Sweden. Bo has been a blacksmith since 1982 making knife blades, wood carving tools and art smithery.

He has invented many of the wood working tools available today and has become very famous among wood craftsmen around the world for his carving tools.

Helgess sponsors oyster opening competitions with prizes for those who win the title of best presentation. Over the years, several hand forged prizes by Bo Helgeson have been awarded to the winners.

See the prizes below:
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Bo Helgesson

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