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These oyster knives are
a swedish product by
Atelier Helgess Design,
the original oyster knives since 1998.

The shape is especially designed for opening oysters of the family
Ostrea Edulis.

The oyster knives made ​​by Helgess, have become very popular and used by the best oyster openers in the world!

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The shapes of the knives are specially designed for opening oysters in a safe, fast and easy way.

The oyster knives of the family Ostrea Edulis are available in two styles: single and double bladed.

The double bladed knife has two functions:
The straight blade is used for opening the oysters joint and cutting off the muscle where it's attached to the flat shell. The curved blade is used for cutting the muscle in the other, bowl shaped, half.

The single bladed knife has the same shape and function as the straight end on the double bladed knife.

Follow the steps below to opening oysters with Helgess oyster knife.



1. Hold the oyster with the flat side up. Push the straight blade into the slot at the oysters joint.

2. Cut the muscle that is under the top shell.

3. Turn the knife up against the shell to avoid shredding the meat. Pry the shell.

4. Lift off the top shell. Asure that the oyster smells fresh. Cut off the meat from the shell. If you have the double bladed knife use the curved end of the knife to cut the muscle.

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